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The Insurance Partnership Program is an industry leading B and B insurance solution available to members of through Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Halpenny has the Solution

To run a B&B involves managing a number of moving parts including B & B insurance coverage. When you run a bed & breakfast, there are distinct risks involved, which is why Halpenny Insurance is pleased to offer comprehensive and unique B&B insurance to member clients of

Insurance Program Highlights

B&B owners across Canada have benefitted by improving their insurance through our offer, which provides the following coverages/benefits:

Comprehensive Bed and Breakfast Insurance

Protection for your personal and commercial property, Business interruption, Commercial general liability and personal liability included, Customized B&B Insurance extensions of coverage for property and liability included​

Competitive Premiums

Halpenny clients typically save 10-30% or more on their annual insurance bill while improving their protection

Flexible Payment Options

With cheque, online, direct withdrawal from your bank account or credit card available.

Fast, Efficient Claims Service

Our brokers are standing by to get you the help you need when you need it

Halpenny Wants to Hear From You If You Are

  • A Member of
    Every B & B in Canada with membership in is eligible for a complimentary review under this program.

  • An Established Bed & Breakfast
    And in the process of looking to improve your current insurance policy.

  • A Potential New Bed & Breakfast Owner
    Perhaps you are looking at buying a B & B and would like to know the cost of insurance for your new location/business.

  • Researching your Bed & Breakfast Business Plan
    Wanting to start a B & B and what is involved from an insurance standpoint. Did you know many cities/towns across the country require owners carry liability insurance as part of their local B & B regulations?

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  • Call toll free 1-800-635-3508 ext 233 and speak with Don Lamoureux.
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